The present-day more and more requires the use of advanced technologies. Programmers use different programming languages to create programs of varying complexity. But the market demands even more new IT solutions.

The Gartner company, which specializes in information technology market research, concluded in its new research that 65% of all software projects will be implemented using low-code and no-code constructs before the end of 2024.

Low code is an approach to creating, configuring, and modifying systems and applications that practically do not require writing software code. Intuitive tools and visual and graphical interfaces with simple logic are used without the use of different programming languages, which allow any user to create systems and applications of various complexity to meet the needs of companies in new IT solutions, business process automation can also lower the initial cost of training, setup, maintenance, deployment.

And although many believe that no one can replace professional programmers, more and more companies are starting to use Low-Code and No Code.

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