What is important when you create a custom software in 2023?

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For years ago, I wasn’t familiar with software development at all. My tech stack was limited by WordPress, Elementor, Canva and Google Docs with PowerPoint (but I was pretty good at it – that’s for sure).

But at the same time – more than 10 years in business development and borning new brands from scratch and ideas gave me a huge benefit:

I am a perfect customer of custom software.

So this passion has become a base of Coderfy services and products. And then we met ChatGPT…

Since starting ChatGPT (over 5 months, I guess), I have enough background to see all the benefits and misunderstandings of OpenAI ChatGPT for business purposes and software development. More than that – we are launching our versions of the custom chatbot generator and marketing content generator in April (and this is another reason for my pride in our whole team). But it would be a theme of another article. For now – I want to talk about yours, the best customer of custom software development, expectations of using OpenAI, AI chatbots and all this stuff. Let’s see is Coderfy such good at guessing as we see ourselves.

What Do We Expect From Custom Software Development, And What Are Our Real Hopes For AI?

1. We Want It In An Easy Way

When somebody of you started to think about softwareweb applications, or even using some soft for personal reasons – all you expect is usability and an intuitive interface. We run as fast as ever, so we need solutions that won’t take time to understand HOW IT WORKS.

We need only know that it works and so on. 

2. We Need This Solution To Be As Perfect As It Can Be

The main problem of existing software – it was made for some audience, with its geography, language, business and cultural habits and dozens of factors. Which big software companies and their marketers had to keep in mind to sell this product well for making a profit. You know this situation when you start to use something for notes, but another stuff to keep links and a third decision for making memos because each covers its task better than others. 

But with custom software development, we can create a solution that is tailor-made for our specific needs and requirements. And with the advancements in AI technology, we can now create software that is more perfect and efficient than ever before.

We can use AI to optimize processes, analyze data, and even make decisions. With AI-powered chatbots, we can provide instant customer support and assistance, freeing up our human employees to focus on more creative tasks. And what is for sure – they can hire ChatGPT for those tasks too)

3. We Want It To Be Cheap Cost-Effective

Custom-made software development can be expensive, but we expect it to be cost-effective in the long run. Creating a solution tailored to our specifications can eliminate the need for multiple software programs and tools, reducing our overall costs.

Additionally, AI-powered solutions can give us “Half the price and faster twice” in saving time and money by automating tasks that would otherwise require human intervention. For example, AI can automatically sort and categorize data, reducing the need for manual data entry and processing.

4. We Expect It To Be Secure And Reliable

Security and reliability have become more critical with the increasing amount of data we store and process online. We expect our custom software solutions to be secure and reliable, protecting our data and ensuring our business operations run smoothly.

AI can help by providing advanced security measures such as biometric authentication (is it really security for us as human beings – the question of another topic) and real-time threat detection. Additionally, AI-powered solutions can monitor and analyze system performance, identifying and resolving issues before they become significant problems.

Thats how OpenAI jokes about it

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In conclusion, custom software development and AI technology have the potential to revolutionize the way we do business. By creating easy to use, perfect, cost-effective, and secure solutions, we can do more and think more. And as it seems to be – the second is much more privileged in 2023. 

As a customer of custom software development, it’s important to communicate our needs and expectations clearly to our development team, ensuring that we get the best possible solution for our business. And what we really need to clarify is:

What are you expect of your business in the next 5 years?

How can you achieve that?

What is the role of digital in it?

And if you can answer that – your business is ready for custom software development

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