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FAQ Contacts software development Coderfy.

The First Coderfy consultation is free. During our meeting, we’ll listen to your expectations and business logic. Coderfy will provide solutions if we know something about your project or idea. If you know what you need help with, choose it from our services or leave it blank. That will show us what we should prepare.

We can propose the previous costs version and terms after the first consultation. If interested, fill out this form to book a free one-to-one consultation with the Coderfy business development manager.

It will be three parts meeting where we will listen to your technical requirements & business logic, understand your needs and possibilities from both sides, and create agreements to move forward.

We can close 90% of basic software needs in every app or web service super quickly and the other 10% with intelligent code solutions. It’s always low-cost for you and your client. You need to compare two variants of budgets and two periods of terms.

In the presale stage, Coderfy asks for critical project information – like area, comfort terms, or main problems you’d like to solve. We don’t need extra info and request only the data we need for developing and analyzing projects and service/product delivery estimation. That’s why when you’re looking for contacts software development Coderfy won’t show any info without your agreement even in portfolio.

We are ready to take parts of your backend or frontend tasks and the whole project. In the A-Z variant, we care about every question from set up to the deployment and delivering everything we deal with. Coderfy can also be a supporting branch of your tech department in your client’s meetings.

We see one of Coderfy’s goals is to bring systems and organize the business process of software development with modern project management and exceed expectations. From the practice, we know that the critical step is to build transparency in communications due to regular online meetings, check-ins and workflow diagrams.