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About Coderfy – our USP is the economy of time and costs in backend development projects and simple CRUD frontends. We focus on short-term contracts from 2 to 4 weeks, where we can show quick results and get feedback ASAP. We provide quick backend solutions, based upon the client’s ToRs (Terms of Reference).

We Care About Your Problems Such That You Don't Have To!

We are a dedicated outsourcing company based in Ukraine, exclusively delivering solutions on top of Aista’s Low-Code tools. This allows us to deliver for half the price and faster twice.

Coderfy developers provide top-notch code solutions at affordable rates and just on time.

About Coderfy Outsourcing for Outsourcing model “We are ready to take parts of your backend or frontend tasks and the whole project. Coderfy can also be a supporting branch of your tech department in your client’s meetings.”

Den about coderfy

Den Mykhailo, Co-Owner,
Executive of Coderfy

More than 10 years in business development and customer service solutions. I know what your clients care about Coderfy.

Thomas Hansen, Co-Owner,

25 years in software development. Revolutionary entrepreneur having invented Hyperlambda and Magic Cloud.

We Are Committed to Exceptional Customer Service and Getting the Job Done Right!

We deliver our services from the Ukrainian IT market, especially focusing on outsourcing and digital companies. There were nearly 5000 active firms in this sphere in Ukraine before the war. Therefore, the outsourcing model of software development is mature and highly developed in Ukraine, and it is now changing to an “inhouse” model, moving to wards the Western European countries, and the USA rapidly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coderfy

We are based upon a Try First Pay Later model. But, yes, you need to pay for it if you want it delivered in the end.

We are focused on using lowcode and nocode technology based upon Aista. We know that 90% of your needs can be quickly delivered using software development automation. The rest we will manually create on top of Aista’s solutions.

We can build backends for your existing frontend initiatives, full stack web apps, custom CRM systems, simple CRUD frontends, and complete backend APIs.

We are deeply devoted to these aspects of your solutions. That’s why we collaborate with  Aista.com  and are exclusively using their Magic Cloud servers, deploying your solution into their managed Kubernetes clusters and infrastructure.

We’ve positioned ourselves as outsourcing for outsourcing, such that we can take everything to presale. If we cannot bring you savings in cost and time, we will advise you, and refer you to somebody that can deliver your project with outstanding quality.

It will a conversation where we’ll talk about your technical requirements & business needs, understand your logic and both sides possibilities, and find agreement way to move forward.

Having Code issues?

Schedule an Onsite Appointment and We’ll Help You With All of Your Backend and Frontend Needs

About Coderfy's productive capacity and ability to deliver solutions as Expected - we Have a Wast Partnership in Code Community

Coderfy provides quick and inexpensive solutions when we know some details about your ideas or projects.

You know what you want to ask about Coderfy solutions – pick it from our services or wait for our meeting. We are ready for any questions and free to deliver explanations with our or partners’ productive capacity.

Coderfy's Portfolio in 2022

Custom CRM system

The CRM was designed to help the client manage their portfolio more efficiently, providing them with a user-friendly interface for tracking and analyzing their portfolio data. Coderfy leveraged their expertise in web development to create a responsive and mobile-friendly platform that could be accessed from any device. The CRM was tailored to the client's specific needs. Hyperlamda, JS, Angular.

Quick And Responsive Business Site

Creating a website for a small IT company called DaladIT by Coderfy. The website was designed to showcase the services offered by DaladIT and to provide a platform for potential clients to contact the company. The website was built using Bootstrap, HTML, PHP, and CSS to achieve a modern and responsive design. By the way we also were in charge of every single word of content.

Coderfy was selected to be included in our list of CRM Consulting Services, based on our expertise.