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Coderfy - company of IT outsourcing in Ukraine

High quality of Norwegian project management and low price of outsourcing in Ukraine software development due a low-code technology

Meet Thomas

Give us any ToR and get a low-cost price from IT Outsourcing In Ukraine

We know what you are worry about when you think about outsourcing model of software development in Ukraine.

But we are laser-focused on tasks that can be delivered fast, inexpensively, and approved by Thomas Hansen, known as Polterguy in the IT world.

We do great results with APIs, CRM, Backend for Frontend, and everything that needs brains and databases.

Did we convince you?

outsourcing in Ukraine
About us

How to pay for the IT outsourcing in Ukraine

Coderfy is a pioneer partner of Aista.com, developing with Hyperlambda and Angular, using no-code & low-code tech of Magic Cloud to deliver inexpensive and effective software code for your project needs. We are open to dialogue with companies in Norway, Europe, and Ukraine, of course.

We care about a clean portfolio, happy clients and long-term partnerships in outsourcing for the outsourcing model.

We are 100% confident in our code, so we can use the “Try Now Pay After” payment model.

International Team Expertise Coderfy

Our development department provides bright-minded code and delivers inexpensive products just on time.

Coderfy is ready to take tasks for your backend needs, CRUD frontends and the A-Z projects. We can also play the role of your technical back-office in ZOOMs with clients.

Milestones of IT outsourcing in Ukraine by Coderfy


IT Outsourcing In Ukraine - How It's Gonna Be

1. Listen

We need to know exactly what you want to build before we can give you a quote and assess the resource requirements. But Coderfy can guarantee it’ll be less expensive & faster. So we need to hear you.

2. Think

When you give us a ToR – there won’t be a lot of variations to bring you results, so we estimate your costs and time. According to your technical requirements & business logic, we can suggest some optimal platforms, Frameworks or solutions.

3. Deliver

You will get a low-cost top-notch product just as you need. We build on a low-code and Magic cloud technology, so it won’t take a long time for us to make you happy. We always care about our next project.

Developing process in 3 simple steps

Lets talk about your needs

Give us your contacts, and you will get a quick estimation of your ToR and even a checklist for its development.

What do you want to outsource?

Give us the main idea of your needs and you will get an IT outsourcing in Ukraine in just a few clicks

Why you should give as a shot ?

we can develop this and more for you

MVP and Startup

When you need to show a reliable MVP for your startup - there is often a tiny time and budget. Meet Coderfy

ASAP Solution

Coderfy will take care of the design, development and delivery. You will get MVP Faster Twice & Half The Price!
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Backend For Apps

The backend - is the area where we can provide the BEST and the FASTEST solutions. So please, have a sit and enjoy your flight.

The Underwater part

The backend operates on the server, brings functionality, and cares about your data. Coderfy makes backends with passion.
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Administrative Panels

All you need in functions. requirements and features will be done automagically quick and inexpensive.

Smart Development

We will help you with the proper functions: data, roles, management and content. Then we will build it. Ta-da!
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Customizable CRM

We can easily create a custom solution precisely to the needs of your company or clients' tasks. All you need is to customize it.

ASAP Solution

Coderfy will take care of the design, development and delivery. You will get MVP Faster Twice & Half The Price!
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JS Projects Backend

Instead of using Node JS, we can build a server part for operating data with the Magic cloudlets using machine code. We say - "coderfy" it.

Java Needs Backend

JavaScript can be used across the stack of web development, but we can make the backend quite fast. So we suggest separating it and code.
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Projects from A to Z

We are ready to take every task of your project and bring you effective solutions just on tine

Expertise of PM

We can assess the resource requirements and have brilliant project management by Thomas Hansen and Coderfy Team
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Selling Software To Customers And Having A Great Norway-Ukraine Margin!

You can get innovative and low-cost it outsourcing in Ukraine and deliver software “faster twice and half the price” even in comparison to Ukrainian rates.

Let’s meet, prove our competence and create great things with your significant economy of time and costs.

You will get a profit anyways.


Who Is in Charge?

We drive Coderfy using the newest technology and clients-oriented service with human-face marketing. Give Coderfy developers a shot to surprise you. We will not let you down

We focus on tasks where Coderfy can deliver quick solutions to improve our skills. You can even don't pay us before you see our code running on your backend.

Half the Price & Faster Twice

Till 2022 ends, we gather projects to run our office with tasks. So we are ready to get paid after you will accept our results.

There are 3 more projects we can get in 2022.

Can you give us some ToRs from your current or next projects?

Trainee front end developer

Maybe You Want To Ask Us Something Like This:

That means that Coderfy can be your outsourcing back-office for providing software development by leading Thomas Hansen.

We work in Ukraine with middle-market rates, and use AI no-code & low-code technologies to deliver fast and competitive results.

If you expect a precisely hourly rate, it can vary from 20 to 40$ per hour. But you will see that we need fewer hours than anybody, especially with backends. 

Yes, of course, we have experience in calculating similar and unique projects, which will allow us to determine the budget and development terms. For everything else – we can ask you questions

We are ready to take parts of your backend or frontend tasks and the whole project.


IT outsourcing in Ukraine with inexpensive rates and Norwegian quality of management

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