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Mobile App Backend

MAB (aka Mobile App Backend) is the engine of your application. The backend takes care of processing your data, and storing it securely. The backend is an invisible part that you don’t see, but in every mobile app it is the heart of your application, and what makes it function securely. We can create backends as fast as you need!

The backend is an invisible part you don’t normally see, but in every mobile app it serves as the backbone of your project, and provides the functionality your app needs to function securely.

Admin Panels

If you want a user friendly web application you will need an Admin Panel allowing you to see KPI charts and important data points. There is no universal checklist of what you should focus on while making an AP. But a few standard pieces of advice you should take into consideration can be found below. Formulate the right questions about its functions (changing, integrations, content, etc.). A number of users and standard functions can be reasonable in choosing some template solutions. Check the key features (data, roles, and content management) and optional needs, payment, for example.

Check the key features (data, roles, and content management) and optional needs, payment, for example.

Custom CRM

Creating your own CRM has never been less expensive, while also giving you the flexibility of having it your way. With our help, you will save a lot of time with all your database, integrations, and everything related to implementing it. We provide you with the solution for half the price and faster twice.

Simple and custom CRM exactly according to your needs – Sounds interesting?

Rapid APIs.

We can create an API wrapping your database and business logic much faster and less expensive than others.

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Fast MVP For Startups

Worried about the next round of investments and need to show how your product work now? This is why you'll need an ultra fast solution for your MVP. We can help you with testing, design, and of course - backend. Our main message is that you'll get it ASAP. After the MVP is done, you can develop your product with new funds with more time to implement the rest of your requirements.

You’ll get an MVP ASAP. Later you can expand upon the product and the rest of its requirements.

Backend for JS Projects

Java Script (JS) solutions typically needs an actual backend. The backend needs to be implemented and hosted. We'll do the job for you, allowing you to focus on what you're good at!

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Secure Hosting

We host your solution with Aista.com, providing superior security, uptime, and redundancy, resulting in that your data is secure, without data loss incidents or security breaches

It’s always working, that’s everything you need to know.

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