What is VAST ads vs VPAID: Coderfy video ad serving project

What is VAST ads vs VPAID Coderfy video ad serving project

Dive into the world of video ad serving with Coderfy! Uncover the power of VAST in software development and learn how our expert team navigates the complexities of this technology to drive your brand’s success. Read to discover more!

What is important when you create a custom software in 2023?

custom software development - mem

If you heard the expression – “The time is now!” you would agree that the last 6 months of software development and the AI revolution covered by these words are perfect. Do you want to know why or disagree? – read our arguments below

How to start with Low-Code in 2023

Low-Code is flexible, fast, and cheaper than traditional programming. You can start with Low-Code anytime, and it can be used both for a startup and a large business. It is a powerful technology that can quickly satisfy the needs of the business.

Is low code no code rise fad or strategic advantage in 2023

Low Code No Code

The emergence of low-code/no-code (LCNC) platforms has sparked a heated debate in the software development industry. As these tools democratize the development process and enable non-technical users to create functional applications, some argue that they are a mere fad. In contrast, others see them as a strategic advantage. This article explores the current state of LCNC platforms and determines whether they are a fleeting trend or a long-lasting benefit to businesses.