Our colleagues from AISTA with years of software development experience have compiled a list of 5 main reasons projects fail.

Why projects fail - top 5 reasons

For your convenience, we present a condensed version of their analysis why projects fail.

1. Non-original idea.
There are better ways to spend money, time, and resources than creating another Facebook. So at this stage, it’s better to find a real user pain that your product can solve and focus on its details with passion and attention. This way will significantly simplify the work for everyone and, as a result, the quality of the delivery.

Build another Facebook - another reason why projects fail


Is it necessary to make Facebook #2?

2. Start a project with junior developers.
This situation happens too often, so we are sincerely surprised at the massive number of complex developments that begin with incorrect project architecture and insufficient quality planning. A great analogy is building a skyscraper, which you probably wouldn’t trust inexperienced builders. Would you? Why projects fail reason #2 is juniors.

Junior Developers - why projects fail reason #3


Should we start with Juniors?

It is better to answer 100 questions during the first month than to ask yourself one question – “How did it happen” after two years of development.

Thomas Hansen, CEO of AISTA and Co-founder of Coderfy

3. Technologies promoted by hype instead of expediency.
We come across many new trending and popular solutions, which are often of interest to developers solely for the sake of a short entry in the resume. It also can be called development for CV. One of the real examples of such a multi-format and cross-platform startup was closed after spending more than 1,000,000 euros. The trouble was that getting the code in order was more difficult than starting the project from the beginning on something more native and “boring.” The latter’s advantage is that it will remain relevant after five years.

Hyped technologies - why projects fail in 4 position

4. The Law of Expensive Backtracking or Lack of Supervision.
In short – to get what you want – you need to talk about it often, in detail, and iteratively to the end developer. This approach will protect you from getting unexpected results and significantly save the budget for years of development. Our colleagues from AISTA even rely on the “law of exponentially diminishing returns” in this, citing the formula that the cost of returning the project to the right direction increases depending on the square of time from the moment you lose the right direction. Unfortunately, outsourcing as such is very difficult. That is why it is better to answer 100 questions during the first month than to ask yourself one question – “How did it happen” after two years of development.

5. Your option
We’d love to hear about your experience or even a different perspective on the top 5 software development mistakes. Or you are starting a particular software development project these days – why not start it immediately with our help, avoiding mistakes?

How to avoid Question Why projects Fail in the end?

In summary, avoiding project failure is crucial for success in software development. Key points to consider include focusing on original ideas that address genuine user pain points, avoiding reliance on junior developers for complex projects, selecting technologies based on practicality rather than hype, maintaining close supervision and communication with developers, and learning from the experiences of others. By addressing these issues proactively, you can minimize the risk of project failure and maximize the chances of success.

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